Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dan and Mica's baby blessing

It was a beautiful day in St. George! Mica and Dan blessed their baby with her sister at Mica's parents house. Lea just found out they're probably having a little girl too! All these little girls are going to have fun growing up together!

Monday, March 2, 2009

February 1st - Bella's Blessing Day

Everything was perfect for Bella's blessing! Rob really put a lot of thought into her blessing and it was beautiful! I tend to stress out about cleaning the house and shopping for food and fixing lunch for over 50 people! I wish I could just chill-out about these kinds of things and just enjoy them. I know my family loves me no matter what, but I still have this anxiety that things won't be the way I want them. I guess my payoff comes when all the work is done and it turns out to be a wonderful and memorable day with family! Thank you all for coming. . . it makes it all worth it!

Bella's Blessing Day!

Rob gave the sweetest blessing! Kathy was nice enough to record it, so we'll have it always! We had so much family there. Thanks everyone for sharing this special day with us! I'm so greatful for these sweet blessings in my life! Bella, we love you!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Party time after Bella's blessing

Lea worked her magic and put Bella to sleep!

Grandpa Church and Great Grandma Church. Bella was named after her Great-Grandma Church. I hope Bella inherits some of her admirable qualities!

Bella is lucky to have a Grandma with such a fun and zany personality! Mom is always willing to make time for her grandkids!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cute Things Kids Say

Hunter wanted to play with his little friend Courtney Baker today. So I called her mom, Lisa, and invited Courtney over. Courtney preferred that Hunter come to her house and when I said this to Hunter, he wanted to know why. I explained that it was because Courtney was shy. He said, "Courtney is shy?" I said, "yes." He thought about that for a second and said, "Shi is a dog. . . Is Courtney a dog?" (Shi is the name of Craig and Kathy's dog) I said, "no, not Shi the dog, shy is the way she feels." He responded, "Oh, Courtney is a dog?" I laughed and said, "just forget it, Courtney is not shy, she just wants you to come and play at her house." He was a little confused, but hopefully they have fun playing today and doesn't start calling Courtney a dog!

The day I came home from the hospital with Bella, Hunter said, "Mom, let me see your belly." I smoothed down my shirt and showed him how my stomach had shrunk. He then said, "Hmm . . . it's still a tiny bit big." (Honest little sucker!)

Last week Hunter excitedly announced, "Mom, I'm going to make my bed and clean my room all by myself!!!! . . . Mom . . . will you help me?"

None of the kids like it when Bella cries, they feel bad for her. Especially tender-hearted-Hunter. It was funny a while back, he said, "Mom, baby Bella is cwying . . . I think Bella wants to eat your chest."

Today I was getting some Benadryl out for Hunter because I think he's having an allergic reaction to some rasberry yogurt. As I was opening the package he said, "what's that?" I said, "This is for you." He responded, "Oh, did I got it for Christmas?"

Hunter makes me chuckle every day!